Top 10 Email Marketing Tips that WORK

Email marketing is a slippery concept. Let’s put some facts behind the myths with these top 10 email marketing tips gleaned from the wisdom of the Internet.


1) Repeat customers are your biggest business.
They spend an average of 67% more $$$ than new customers – they’re worth 3 times as much! Your email marketing campaign should segment these two types of customers, providing them tailored content that rewards loyalty to the brand.

2) Not all your subscribers are your friends…
Just because they subscribed once and haven’t dropped since, doesn’t mean they are interested in your product! Can you think of a time you signed up to get around a paywall or membership fee? Beyond that, your email list will suffer from attrition of as much as 25% annually as people move service providers and change jobs.

3) Treat your list as a garden – it needs to be watered, tended, and weeded.
Cleaning up your email list not only requires culling of addresses that bounce, but also attention to the level of interaction of the others. If you want to increase your opens, get rid of the customers who haven’t opened an email from you in the last year! These nonperformers are a waste of your marketing efforts. Your bounce rate will go down by up to 95%.

4) The top reason for opening an email is… the sender’s name!
It is a whopping 50% more important than the subject line. You should still pay attention to the subject, since it is the next most important factor in whether your email ever sees the light of day. Statistics show that 20-character subject lines are optimal for short titles, but – surprisingly – subject lines increase drastically in effectiveness above 100 characters.

5) The top reason for signing up to an email list is… to receive discounts!
Eight out of ten users are motivated by the chance to get a better deal on your offer.

6) Lucky # 13
How often should you be emailing your list? Once a month? Every day? It turns out that there is a dip in unsubscribes at the magic number of 13 emails per month. Please don’t take this aggregate information on faith, however – do multivariate testing to see what works with your niche. Anything less than 7 times per month, however, drastically increases the unsubscribe rate! So make sure you’re emailing your customers at least once every four days.

7) The day of the week matters much less than the time at which you send your email.
The worst day of the week to send emails is Sunday, with Tuesday and Wednesday being marginally better than the rest of the week. Email opens reach a significant peak, however, at 3pm. The best window for email opens is between 2-5pm, so make sure your members get their content then!

8) It’s easier to be spammy than you think.
80% of what gets your emails past your readers’ spam filters is your reputation score. This is calculated by the following:

Number of emails successfully delivered to the inbox /
Subscriber complaints

If you don’t send many emails, your reputation may still be low. That’s why number 3 on this list is key.

9) Test, test, test!
The only way to find what really makes your list perform is to run multivariate testing on your subscribers. Chop them up into representative samples and tease out the right data for you.

10) Start a list TODAY! Go to for free email list services. Or if you need a bit of hand holding, try out for just a dollar!


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