The Domain Name Game

What’s in a name?

Literally EVERYTHING. The name you choose is going to directly impact many aspects of your web authoring experience. Ideally, you’d want something that spells out the purpose of your website. “” will fare better than “” if you’re looking to resell books.


domain-nameDot COM is still King, simply because it’s usually the first TLD (Top Level Domain) that’s taken when someone buys a domain name. It has the authority and weight of being the “original” TLD. This is why you visit,, and, not .info (.com’s cheaper and less glamorous cousin.)

Dot ORG is useful for actual charitable movements and community efforts, like or


The Game is Changing

As of 2013/2014, ICANN (the institution that governs the structure of the internet as we know it) allowed domain name registrars (the guys who sell you domain names) to create new TLDs. These include .io .fun .sex and a host of others. Nobody knows which of these will catch on, and for what purpose, but the extra availability certainly creates opportunities for bright minds.


To give you an idea of the power of this change, let’s say you had wanted to create, but it was taken. Not only that, but the .net .info and even .tv were taken. With the new extensions, you still have a shot at being the king of your own castle.


Ready to go out and hunt for domain names? Read this handy article first – what you didn’t know about scammy domain name practices.


Don’t have time for that? Jump right into the mix:


What I’ve Used For Years: Namecheap


The Most Well-Known Registrar: GoDaddy

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