The Art of Paraphrasing

So, you want to make some content, but you don’t know where to begin?


The easiest way to create content that your audience will enjoy is by looking around at what already exists – and then re-packaging that content to fit your needs.


While some may be opposed to the concept of borrowing ideas from others, it’s simply a fact of life that all human beings share. No one can accuse you of stealing their language, for example, because language is a shared notion.


What about mathematics? Movie re-makes? Sound byte sampling? Academic papers drawing on books and publications as direct sources?


It’s impossible to create content in a vacuum, because such a pure state does not exist within our society. You can’t help using concepts created by other people because the mixture and evolution of knowledge is an organic process, one that touches everyone.


Therefore, it is an advantage to learn how to paraphrase with style. Simply re-writing an article that you like, in your own words, re-creates the article for an entirely different audience. Someone who is interested in the subject may never have found the source, or wouldn’t understand it – it was YOU who put it in just the right way so that he or she could internalize it.


This is a very subtle but powerful notion. You never know who might read your content, what mood they might be in at the time – perhaps the way you frame an idea will be enough to spark innovation and creativity in someone else.


And that’s enough of a reason to try.

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