Find Your Target Audience – The Power of the Internet Audience

The Power of the Internet Audience

Utilizing Target Audience Techniques for Virtual Marketing in a Globalizing World


Imagine that you wanted to run for President (or other public office). Ideally, you would want to reach out to every single citizen and tell them – and persuade them – why you are the best choice.

Target Audience

How would you go about doing that? Well, you could go door-to-door. Take the United States as an example.


Let’s say there are 350 million Americans, with 300 million of voting age. Let’s say that the average family size is 3, giving us 100 million homes to reach. If you spent 30 seconds at each home and disregarded travel time (!!!), it would take you about 95 years to reach everyone. Assuming, of course, that you were a robot and didn’t need to sleep, eat, or do anything else besides campaign.


OK, clearly going door-to-door is not an option. What if you tried calling everyone? Again, it would take you 95 years – no travel time, no sleep.


The ONLY way to reach everyone in time for elections is to use broadcast media. Debating the authority of T.V., radio, and print is best left for another discussion. What we’re looking for is the cutting edge.


That’s where the power of the internet shines through. With increasingly accurate and descriptive user data, you can target audiences separately with different messages. You can test different campaigns on different demographics to see what produces the desired results. You can slice up your data by region, age, or any other metric available – and then put the right ads in front of the right people.


And you can do this in real-time, with everyone.


Beginning to see the light?


There are a number of free tools that will help you understand your target audience. One of them is Prosper202, and if you know how to install wordpress, setting up p202 is a breeze.


Click here for more information on how Prosper202 can work for you.


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