Installing WordPress – ABC Easy

Installing WordPress can be a hassle if you’re busy, but check out the documentation – the steps are not as hard as one might think.


Step 1 ) Download WordPress

Step 2 ) Create a fresh database

Step 3 ) Make a few edits to a text file

Step 4 ) Upload WordPress

Step 5 ) Choose a Username and Password


That’s really all there is to it. You will have a chance to gain a basic understanding of CPanel (kind of like an operating system, like Windows or Mac, for your server) in order to create a MySQL database. You can dowload FileZilla as an easy interface for transferring files to your server.

I defer here to ‘s tutorial, which shows exactly how to create your database in CPanel, edit your configuration files, and upload using FileZilla.


What is FTP?

What is a MySQL Database?

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