How to Choose an Effective Company Name

Choosing an Effective Brand Name

There’s a great article at that describes in flawless, crystal detail just how frustrating it is to select a great company name. You can read the How-To articles on how to choose an effective company name, but you just get the same generic crap for the most part.

1) Pick a simple name. 2) Make sure it’s memorable. 3) But not too complicated. 4) And have it sound like the thing you do. 5) But make sure it’s not taken.

^^ That starts with “simple” and sounds “simple” but is freaking complex.

Here’s how I filtered out the noise:

Step 1: Look at the most successful companies on the planet.

The mega-million dollar corporations all have a very similar naming scheme.  Some of the top dawgs are:









What do these names have in common? 2 syllables, three syllables max. You can look at the Fortune 500 for more inspiration, and you’ll notice that the other A-listers with longer names are often ones you don’t really remember off the top of your head. Ideally, you want a TWO SYLLABLE COMPANY NAME. Write down all the names you can think of, even the longer ones – you can make acronyms later.

Steps 2) The Google search. This is where the hammer falls on most names. If your prospective company name shows up in Google as some huge brand name, you’re gonna have a bad time.

Step 3) Domain name search. Leave this for last (trust me). I use NameCheap because they are fast, and they check the new Top Level Domains like .me and .zone, so you are more likely to find a great match. Your ideal business name should have a .com available, because this is still the default that your customers will try, and you don’t want them landing on a competitor’s page!

Choosing an effective company name isn’t easy. It’s a long and tedious process, but it will make you truly focus on your core business model and trim the fat.

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