Hardware: SSD vs. HDD

So you’re looking at getting new hardware.


Here’s the quick and dirty.


HDD: Hard Disk Drive = Cheap Drive Space!

This is the standard technology that has been around since the end of the floppy disk era. Great advances have been made in speed and storage size. This technology is based on the principle of a rotating magnetic disc. As of this post’s date, expect to pay $0.50 per GB of external storage. You’ll also see laptops with 1TB of storage are significantly cheaper than even a quarter that of the alternative (SSD).


SSD: Solid State Drive = Maximum Performance!

This technology is based on similar principles as the USB pen drive, which can nowadays easily store 32 GB (for around $20). It has the advantage of low weight and low power consumption, and when used as the startup hard drive for your computer, makes it turn on very quickly. These advantages make it a great choice for personal, business, and hosting applications, but it remains an expensive option.


Read more about the history and technical differences between HDD and SSD.

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