Yearly Archives: 2014

Top 10 Email Marketing Tips that WORK

Email marketing is a slippery concept. Let’s put some facts behind the myths with these top 10 email marketing tips gleaned from the wisdom of the Internet.   1) Repeat customers are your biggest business. They spend an average of 67% more $$$ than new customers – they’re worth 3 […]


Prosper202 Tracking – Get Your Data!

What is Prosper202?   Prosper202 is software that, at its core, allows you to track who is clicking on your links. This is especially important if you are sending people to your website from another location, or running them through a landing page or redirect.   With a Prosper202 link, […]

The Art of Paraphrasing

So, you want to make some content, but you don’t know where to begin?   The easiest way to create content that your audience will enjoy is by looking around at what already exists – and then re-packaging that content to fit your needs.   While some may be opposed […]



Why Creating a Sitemap Matters

What is a sitemap, and why should I care? A sitemap is a file that makes your website’s structure clear to search engines. This helps it get visibility faster and is a must for any serious online entrepreneur. Contrary to what you might think, it’s not meant for humans – […]

Hardware: SSD vs. HDD

So you’re looking at getting new hardware.   Here’s the quick and dirty. HDD: Hard Disk Drive = Cheap Drive Space! This is the standard technology that has been around since the end of the floppy disk era. Great advances have been made in speed and storage size. This technology […]